Tips to select the right type of Cotton

Whenever you think of buying a towel it becomes really important to assess which material is better. Not all towels are manufactured identically. While most bath and spa towels are cotton or a combination of cotton, the fabrics and fibres used have many variations and differences that can affect the feeling, longevity and performance. The most frequently discussed question is whether Egyptian cotton is best or Turkish cotton. Most linen experts believe that it all depends on the use of cotton fabrics and the individual's preferences.

Let’s make it clear for you by sharing some light on some of their features. Cotton from Egypt is known for its absorbency. This makes towels made of Egyptian cotton an excellent choice. However, the same absorbency properties work against their utility if we consider hand towels since more absorbency ensures that it will take longer to dry the hand towel. In addition, it might get wet on its own in humid weather. Here, as they have absorbency features as well as softness, the Turkish cotton will be best suited for hand towels. This makes it easy to dry them and makes them feel good to use. So, absorbency is one of the most affected factors while selecting a towel.

Turkish Cotton:

Turkish cotton is regarded as the world's highest quality cotton cultivated. It is on par with Egyptian cotton in terms of popularity. It is known for its high absorbency. It also dries lightning quickly, making it a perfect option for anyone who fears waiting for an air-dry towel or hates wasting energy bills on the cost of electric dryers. Its ability to dry easily also hinders bacteria from building up, leaving you with a fresh-smelling Turkish towel for your face, hair, hands or body.

In addition to being able to let go of excess humidity, Turkish cotton, known for its smooth threads, is incredibly tough. You will never guess that the fibres are so tough because when you hold them in your palm, they feel noticeably light. Turkish towels are literally easy to pack in any suitcase or beach bag, taking up very little room.

Egyptian Cotton:

This type of cotton has been in the market for a long time now. Egyptian cotton threads, unlike Turkish cotton, are thick and soft. This density gives a luxurious feeling to Egyptian cotton. It also helps the cotton to wick moisture easily. Egyptian cotton is less apt than its Turkish equivalent to letting go of liquids trapped within its fibres. Egyptian cotton towels, therefore, need to be dried regularly, either in a dryer or in a cool area with superior air circulation by hanging.

Being one of the softest Egyptian Cotton is often a choice for bedsheets and towels. Many cotton towels sold for residential use are made entirely of Egyptian cotton in order to give homeowners a treat after every bath or shower. Also, they are a good choice for spas.

Turkish Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton:

Both types of cotton are good in moisture control. It depends on your specifications to decide which one can give you the most advantages. For example, go for a Turkish cotton towel if you want a lightweight towel that travels brilliantly and dries without much fuss. On the other side, choose Egyptian cotton towels if you're all about sitting around in a fluffed-up towel that makes you feel like royalty and wicks away moisture while throwing off water. Considering all the factors such as high absorbency, lightweight and fast to dry, one can select which type of cotton is convenient to use.

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